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The easiest way to make an international investment with minimum risk for investors.

Companies gain international investors and a plattform to advertise investment opportunities

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trade with minimum risk and garanteed profits

Investmentsecured verifies the companies offering deals and establishes credibility for you. With these trusted companies you recieve monthy returns as well as your capital emplyed at the end of the deal. Theres NO need to worry about shares!

Investmentsecured is perfect to offer your trusted investment deal to reliable investors

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we make investing simpler and safer!

you can offer an investment on our plattform

1. Register your company to make an investment offer

Once registered, insert your company policies and conditions for investmen.

2. Make an investment offer

Describe the investment and tell the investors how much capital is needed and by when.


Investors do not get shares in your company, instead you offer them a part of the profits.

4. define the minimum investment sum

Allow all types of investors to work with you by allowing high and low investment requirements

5. define investment duration

Define how long the investment deal lasts and when you will pay the principal investment back.

6. get verified and start investmentsecured trading

Get verified by investmentsecured and and THAT'S IT.
START investment secured trading!


1. Register as an investor

Gain access to the worlds first and biggest digital verified investment market.
Exclusive Offers! Trusted Companies! And reduced Risk!

2. Access the investment social market

Not only do you have access to good investments! But also a plattform to exchange information on good investments! Shadow investing couldn't be easier!

3. Invest & Make monthly profits from investment

Recieve garanteered monthly profits for your investment as your ROI!
After the investment duration is over, you get your investment sum back!


make money while saving money

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Investmentseucred brings companies and investors together!

Investmentsecured acts as a broker between investors and vendors (companies or individuals offering investment opportunities). The vendors are responsible for the content and accuracy of the invesment opportunities offered.

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