Steps to offer an Investment opportunity

  • Click on Add new Investment Offer

    Step 1

    To offer an investment opportunity, click on investment offers and add new. Investment offers are created as products on The Price field defines the minimum amount an investors needs to offer to be a part of the invest ment deal. This PRICE can be interpreted as the cost of one investment share! The number of shares you can offer depend on the overall investment capital required. Investsecured does not limit the number of share you can offer. The overall amount required for the entire investment deal to be valid can be inserted at a later stage.

  • Clarify Investment offer

    Step 2

    Short Description Insert a very precise but brief description in the short description field. Be aware this is your elevator pitch moment. Too many words in the short description field will lose investors. Interested investors will read the detailed description so dont leave this out! To ensure that the investors are interrested in your investment offer, it is important to clearly document und describe the investment opportunity. Investors are attracted for example by describing if the opportunity is Green, developing new tchnologies, improving the climate, Solar or investments, Make sure to insert a Category, a #Tag and a featured imae to round up your investment offer profil.

  • Set Return on Investment details

    Step 3

    To lock in the investors, it is important to answer these questions, how high ist the return on investment and when will the returns begin to flow and when will the investor receive hais money back In order to make sure you get the investors you want, make sure to have lucrative deals,with high rates of return, short duration times and early start to the flow of returns.

  • Set your deal requirements

    Step 4

    Your investment requirements are just aas important as the Return on investment. Use the Investment requirements details to issue your conditions of fulfilling the deal Here you can specify the following for example: How much capital is needed to start the deal, which deadline has to be reached for the deal to be valid how big the overall investment should be and many more options.

  • Publish your Offer and Thats IT!

    Step 5

    Thats it your done! Now double check your details and submit your invesment offer. Just like that the investors can now offer you valuable capital for the deals.

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